Dareian Blue in "Real Sex Hookup Unedited"

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About “Real Sex Hookup Unedited: I love fucking submissive bottoms like Dareian Blue! As long as he has cock in his mouth or fucking his ass Dareian is smiling, moaning with pleasure, or more likely riding a wave of ecstasy. When I called Dareian to ask if he wanted to do another scene he said, ‘Tonight? I’m really horny. I haven’t been with a guy for a loooong time out of respect for my girlfriend. I need you to fuck me. Please? Tonight?’ Two weeks later we shot this Real Sex Video and Dareian couldn’t wait to get into be. ‘This is going to be so hot,’ he said. ‘Fuck me now and we can do the paperwork and stills later.’ I made him wait so the sexual tension would continue to build. When we hopped on the bed I immediately saddled up between his legs. We kissed and my hard on strained trough my jeans against his ass. Within a few minutes he tried getting in my pants. Once again I made him wait before I fed him my cock. His mouth made love to it for a long time, and eventually I got a taste of what I wanted, his sweet insatiable ass hole. I ate his ass likes it was the last meal I would have, devouring it. Then the attentive bottom boy tossed my salad, and let me tell you that Dareian is one hell of a rimmer! I could have easily shot with his tongue buried in my ass, but I held off. Next I finger fucked him, getting him ready for the monster toy he brought from home, and then stretched his hole to the max with the dildo. Finally I gave him what he had been waiting for, a good hard cock pounding. I think he would have been happy if I had just fucked him throughout the entire video. When it was time to bust a nut Dareian licked my balls, as usual, but then he dropped down and rimmed me again and I gushed all over his face. That made him incredible horny and he blew a load of his own. The sex, like Dareian, was hot! And we were so into it that neither of us thought to take our clothes off.

About Dareian Blue: Dareian Blue answered an open casting call and with is boyish face, tight hirsute body, and fuckable ass, I immediately booked him, saying, ‘Under no circumstances are you to shave or trim your body hair.’ Dareian is one of those bi guys who enjoys being dominant with women and submissive with men. And he LOVES getting fucked – the bigger the cock the better. When he arrived for the shoot there were four dildos sitting on the table ranging in size from small to ridiculously thick and long. When John asked if any of them scared him, he shook his head and pointed at the largest, saying, ‘Mine at home is just a little bit smaller than that.’ So, we have another power bottom on our hands.

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