Dareian Blue in "Real Sex Hookup POV"

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About “Real Sex Hookup POV: This is the extreme point of view version of my real sex hookup with Dareian Blue which contains virtually all previously unseen footage! If you like to be right there in the heat of the action, this bonus video is for you. When Dareian and I shot the Real Sex video, I set the camera on a tripod and we just fucked and fucked around for a half hour as if we had hooked up in real life. Then we went back and I shot handheld footage that I planned to edit into the final video, but I decided to release Real Sex Hookup Unedited instead. The POV footage is hot, and yet to be seen, so I used a few clips from the first video so the POV flows a little more naturally. There is a lot of rimming in the POV. Dareian is a great ass eater and he spent a lot of time with his tongue buried in my hole. There’s a little bit of cock sucking. I cum early in this video, Dareian bringing me to the point of no return by tonguing my ass, and I paint his face and blast the back of his throat. Afterward I return the favor and toss Dareian’s salad. I also spend some time fingering Dareian’s hole and feeding him his ass juice. Then I fuck the furry bottom just the way he likes it. Finally, Dareian cum and swallows his load.

About Dareian Blue: Introducing Dareian Blue, a bi guy who answered an open casting call! With is boyish face, tight hirsute body, and fuckable ass, I immediately booked him, saying, ‘Under no circumstances are you to shave or trim your body hair.’ Dareian is one of those bisexual men who enjoys being dominant with women and submissive with men. And he LOVES getting fucked; the bigger the cock the better. When he arrived for the shoot there were four dildos sitting on the table ranging in size from small to ridiculously thick and long. When I asked if any of them scared him, he shook his head and pointed at the largest, saying, ‘Mine at home is just a little bit smaller than that.’ So, we have another power bottom on our hands.

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