Cody North in "Deep Huge Toys"

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About “Deep Huge Toys: It was like those monster toys were made specifically for Cody North’s ass, and each brought a specific pleasure. The 18 inch ribbed dildo ground Cody deep deep inside, while the thick ass annihilator stretched his ass with delight. I’ve always been fascinated with using huge toys on guys, and it was hot plunging their full length and girth deep inside Cody’s butt. I have used similar toys on other guys and no one except Cody has been able to engulf them with such ease. The moments leading up to his explosive cum shot are burned in my mind. Cody had me push down on his abdomen and fucked him with the monster cock, feeling it deep inside his belly. The pressure of my hand pushing down and the toy thrusting up against my palm caused him to blast!

About Cody North: Cody North is former military, an ex-body builder, and currently works in construction. He’s inked, pierced, and restores motorcycles. He camps, hunts, and his deep voice commands attention. In every sense of the word he’s a manly man. But he has two secrets few have known about until now. He likes to cross dress and he loves to get fisted.Although he’s openly bisexual his sexual experiences with men have been tentative and few. ‘I made out with a total of two guys and each time we dry humped our cocks together until we came. And a couple of girls have fisted me, fucked me with strap-ons, and used big toys on me, but I’ve always wanted to see what it feels like to get fucked by a real cock. I’ve fantasized my first time would be with a transsexual but that opportunity never presented itself.’One of his ex-girlfriends saw my casting call and told Cody. ‘And here I am, ready to get fisted by a man, and fucked with a real cock. I’m excited. Very excited.’

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