Brock Gannon in "Coach Stretches Brocks Ass"

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About “Coach Stretches Brocks Ass: Introducing Brock Gannon, a power bottom twink with a big cock and a huge load! Brock stopped by coach’s place to go over some stretches that he would be doing with the team later that week. Coach gets handsy, sliding his hands along the athlete’s lean muscular legs and ass. They try one stretch on the floor and coach suggests it may be easier if they do it on the bed. With one of Brock’s legs propped against him, and his shorts pressing against the jock’s ass, coach starts playing with the athlete’s hard on. Then his suggests stretching his ass hole, easily gliding in up to four fingers deep inside. It wasn’t long before coach rammed a dildo up Brock’s ass, and then fucked him with the toy and two fingers at the same time. Finally, coach sticks his cock in the young twink and pounds his hole mercilessly, first on his back, then doggie style. When coach flips the guy on his back again and starts stroking his cock, the runner explodes almost immediately, blasting his chest and stomach with thick cum. So as not to waste any, coach smears his hand in the sperm and feeds it to the athlete. From there the twink suck off coach and get a facial and a mouthful of tasty cum.

About Brock Gannon: Introducing Brock Gannon, an insatiable power bottom making his video debut! When I was telling him about the different scenes, he said, ‘Coach! I want coach to fuck me!’ Brock is one to keep an eye on. After shooting with me Brock submitted himself to FabScout, who is now representing him, so you will be seeing a lot of him soon. When I say Brock is insatiable, it is not an exaggeration. After our scene he stepped out of the shower and said, ‘That was hot. What are you doing later? I want you to fuck me for real me off camera.’ Instead, I offered to book him in a Real Sex scene with me in the near future.

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