Brian Briggs in "Massage Rim Suck"

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About “Massage Rim Suck: Brian Briggs has finally returned, allowing me to rim and finger fuck that muscular rugby ass, and suck his big, thick cock. Brian’s body is perfect because it’s developed from playing sports more so than spending time in the gym. Brian is as straight as they come, never having been with a guy off camera. When he needs some quick extra cash, he’s willing to let a guy worship is body and cock. We spent the first five minutes catching up as I rubbed his back, ass and legs. Is there anything better than a muscular straight guy letting you touch him wherever you want? Okay, yes, but I get to do that, also. I hit a point in which the conversation sounded like, “blah, blah” so I spread his beautiful ass, with its dusting of blond hair, and tongued his virgin hole. Tossing his salad face down was fun, but I wanted to see his face as I munched his hole, so I flipped him around, pushed his legs in the air, and buried my mouth in his crack. If we weren’t on a schedule I could rimmed him for hours. If you like eating muscular asses, Brian’s is about as hot as they get. When he was nice and relaxed I spit on a finger and worked it in his hole. I know I’ve previously said how tight guys’ asses were, but Brian’s was amazingly tight. I only attempted one finger because there was no way in hell I would have been able to push in more. He did manage to take the one all the way up to my knuckle. Then it was time to get his cock in my mouth. Without a doubt his dick was the longest and thickest I have ever swallowed, and it was amazing! I had him inside me a good long time. Finally, I wanted to watch him cum and I jacked him off. Fuck, I loved stroking his hard on. In a way I wished he would have never cum so I could keep that perfect cock and balls in my hands, but he shot an incredible thick creamy load on his stomach. Seeing it, I couldn’t help myself. I went down on his again, milking the last of his jizz in my mouth. And then I did something that even surprised me. I licked up some of his sperm off his stomach. Be sure to stick around for the extra footage after the copyright. One outtake is of Brian fucking my face so deep that his pelvis and pubes are smashed against my mouth. It was fucking hot!

About Brian Briggs: Brian Briggs NEVER tans. If his skin isn’t exposed to the sun while playing rugby, it never sees the light of day. We booked him a month prior to the shoot and asked him to tan. Well, the first time he tanned for only a couple of minutes and burned. Badly. A week later he tanned a second time and burned again. And again the third time a week after that.His fair skin adds to his attractiveness.What we love about Brian is that he isn’t a gym rat. His body is scuplted almost entirely by playing sports – basketball and rugby (football, as he and our friends from the “other side of the pond” call it). He is on a professional team, “That has done very well internationally,” he proudly tells us.There is so much to love about Brian – crystal blue eyes, a bedroom body, a rock solid bubble butt, and those lips – oh! what he could do to you with those lips!

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