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Thor Latkey in "Toy Solo"

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About “Toy Solo: Thor Latkey is smokin’ hot working his big uncut cock and arching his back as he toy fucks himself. It doesn’t take long for him to climax and blow a thick creamy seven day load of cum. About Thor Latkey: I liked Thor Latkey’s look, his ripped abs and big uncut cock. Plus he promised a thick Continue Reading...
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Cody North in "Deep Huge Toys"

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About “Deep Huge Toys: It was like those monster toys were made specifically for Cody North’s ass, and each brought a specific pleasure. The 18 inch ribbed dildo ground Cody deep deep inside, while the thick ass annihilator stretched his ass with delight. I’ve always been fascinated with using huge toys on guys, and it was hot plunging their full Continue Reading...
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Carter Hawk in "Double Cum"

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About “Double Cum: Although reluctant, Carter Hawk let me taste his cock in this video. This video fluctuates between solo and me manhandling the jock. Almost immediately I reached in to play with the straight guy’s cock. I ask if I can suck him and he nervously responded, ‘I don’t know’ so I just went for it. Carter has an Continue Reading...
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Trent Bloom in "Shower Enema"

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About “Shower Enema: A bonus video for enema enthusiasts. Trent Bloom gives himself an enema in the shower, time and again filling his ass to the brim and allowing the water explode from his ass. Note: there is not erection or cum shot in this video. About Trent Bloom: Trent Bloom is proud of his title of having the sloppiest Continue Reading...
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Mike Jochman in "Gay Massage"

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About “Gay Massage: I was unsure what to call this Mike Jochman video, ‘Mike’s First Gay Experience’ or ‘Mike First Manhandling’. You get the point, it’s the first time a guy has ever touched Mike. Although he was adamant about his ass being off limits, Mike finally agreed that I could massage his hairy ass, and I even managed to Continue Reading...
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Dan Decklin and Hunter Conan in "Cum Filled Ass and Cream Pie"

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About “Cum Filled Ass and Cream Pie: I have been wanting to pair Hunter Conan and Dan Decklin for a long time, knowing they would have fucking amazing sex together! Hunter sat on Dan’s rock hard dick, growling loudly as the condomless cock slid deep in his hairy ass. Leaning back, he rode the twinks bare prick hard reverse cowboy. Continue Reading...
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Kristoff Korvich in "Cum Slut Gonzo"

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About “Cum Slut Gonzo: Kristoff Korvich is a cocksucker extraordinaire! He LOVES giving head, and has been on his knees for years, servicing any cock he can get his mouth around. There are few things better than looking into the eyes of a greedy cocksucker as you’re fucking his throat. But sucking cock is a means to an end…more specifically Continue Reading...
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Cody North in "Felch"

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About “Felch: Cody North has this wonderful nasty personality and in this video he eats Dan Decklin’s cum out of my ass! Cody North arrived for his shoot just minutes after Dan Decklin fucked me raw and shot a load of cum inside me. While Cody was filling out his paperwork I told him that I would be right back, Continue Reading...
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