Nikola, Aca and Dado

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Aca, Nikola and Dado – three of Cumswap Guys HOTTEST models prove that three heads are far better than one! Fat, delicious frat boy cock-heads that is! Aca is like a kid in a candy store, sandwiched between two beautiful studs with two gorgeous cocks dangling right in his face. Of course – he puts his mouth to work and takes turns sucking each juicy dick. Hunky Dado really gets into it and starts thrusting, face fucking Aca – until Nikola realizes he’s hungry for cock too. The three form a blow job daisy-chain with Aca blowing Nikola and Nikola feasting on Dado’s horny boner. Cock addict Aca then flips over, sucks Nikola and takes Dado’s hefty equipment straight in his hole. Aca then tries Nikola’s cock up his ass and gives Dado one of his signature hummers. Finally, he takes a wad of Nikola’s sperm in his mouth and drips it on over to Dado, who laps it ALL up.

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