Aca and Momir

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Momir loves giving head. And Aca LOVES getting his wang sucked. Sounds like the perfect match. When Momir slides Aca’s jimmy between his lips – it’s game over. This cock addict can’t get enough and it becomes obvious that just sucking on Aca’s impressive jizz-maker is not going to suffice! You know how it is. When you’re hot – you want as much cock as possible! Momir straddles his lap and Aca’s tool disappears straight up his ass as Momir starts to bounce and ride that donkey dick like a buck-naked cowboy, redefining what it means to “power bottom”. Aca corkscrew-fuck’s his ass, flips him on his back and gives him even more of the old “in-out, in-out”. When his cock is ready to explode – it does exactly that – in Momir’s mouth! Momir sucks it up swishes it around and then feeds a hefty wad of fresh man-milk straight down Aca’s throat.

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