Raw, Aggressive Fuckers

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Do you like rough sex? Then grab a hold of your cock and rub some lube on it because BreedMeRaw has J.R and Travis Turner for you in this testosterone-filled scene. Travis is 6′ and weighs in at 200 lbs. This sexy beast has J.R. drooling but he’s not going down easy. After some aggressive making out and noise skull fucking, J.R. rips Travis’s underwear and winds up paying for it dearly.

Travis slams his cock down J.R.’s throat then bends him over, tears a hole in his underwear and shoves his thick cock into the raw hole. Travis pounds J.R.’s hard and deep, making the bottom cockwhore moan and bed for more. Travis then picks up J.R., carries him to a table and power fucks the hard, jock ass. He loads J.R. with his cock and unloads, showing J.R. that he must never piss off Travis or he’ll get his hole abused!

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Raw, Aggressive Fuckers

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