Trojan Rock Topped and Fucked by Thunder

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In this scene for, beefy muscle bears Trojan Rock and Thunder have been paired up for a hairy round of aggressive kissing, cock sucking and butt fucking. From the start, when Trojan and Thunder first met at the gym, it was clear something big was going to happen between these two masculine hunks. However, when Trojan asked, no one would have guessed Thunder would agree to filming a porn movie! There was only one thing. Thunder wanted to fuck. Trojan thought long and hard; it would be one hell of a sacrifice! But in the end, he said yes to a rarely documented fuck scene with him getting topped by Thunder.

When the two man mountains arrived at the studio, Director Maxwell B had a hard time keeping up with filming the rabid, lustful men. It was as if they were possessed while kissing, sucking and fucking. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Still, after all that pounding, sweating, grunting and groaning, Maxwell B managed, just as Trojan endured getting fucked by the hot Dad who left him satisfied and covered in muscle bear cum!

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Trojan Rock Topped and Fucked by Thunder

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