Shane Fucks Jerry Ford

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Since we first met Jerry, he has come a long way. Even though he was hesitant to get his virgin butthole fucked hard, once he decided to do it, he was gung-ho about doing a great job, and was looking forward to enjoying it. Shane and Jerry have chemistry from the very beginning of this extremely hot fuck scene. As Jerry is working on Shanes tool, Shane helps him learn some new dick-sucking techniques, and Shane takes his time warming up Jerrys hot asshole before Jerry takes his first ride on Shane and his huge, rock-hard cock. Jerry has some amazing expressions on his face as he feels a nice cock deep inside him, and once he has the swing of it, Shane really starts to go to town on his ass. After pummeling Jerry for a long while, Jerry busts a nut. Shane delivers his signature cumshot of course, all over Jerrys chest, face, hair, and over onto the couch, and as Shane delivers gush after gush, Jerry opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out for a taste. We did not expect that, but what a hot way to end a virgin-busting-vid! Watch the Free Preview Video.

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