College Boys Physicals: Trey

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Trey at College Boys Physicals says,

Sitting in the exam room I was waiting for the doctor to come in after Nurse AJ finished his portion of the exam that he had to do. While I was waiting I looked through the only two magazines that there was on the counter. My eyes wondered around the room reading all the posters that they had hanging for patients. I was a little frustrated that no one had come to check on me. I just sat on the exam table naked the way that I was told to stay for the doctor thinking about all the things that I had to do for the rest of the day. I heard a knock at the door and peeking into the room was Nurse AJ. He walked in and was wondering what was holding the doctor up. I told him that the doctor never came in and he said that he would go check it out. As he returned, AJ explained that the doctor was very behind and that he would just try to wrap up the rest of my exam, so that I could get to my class in a half hour.  (MORE)


Turning to put the chart down on the table, he took a hold of my cock, and started to give me head. I asked him if he wanted to get two sperm samples out of me for the day, and he said yes. I sat back and enjoyed the blow job I was getting. My cock was rock hard in no time, and AJ paused for a moment to take off his shirt. Continuing to give me head, he was very good at using his whole mouth. I noticed that AJ was pulling down his pants and underwear, revealing that his cock was hard and pointing forward. He was great at giving head, and seemed to be turned on doing so. I tried reaching for his cock to jerk him off at the same time. After a while AJ told me that he would need to continue checking me out, so that he could move on to his other exams he would have to perform. Reaching back behind the table he was grabbing a couple of things, and he told me at the same time that he wanted to make sure that everything was working okay.  (MORE)


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