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David at College Boys Physicals says,

Making the table a little more comfortable for me to sit up, Rimmerman continued to check me out. Doing some leg extensions on each leg. Next, he proceeded to put on a pair of rubber gloves in order to check out some of my body parts. He explained to me that he used to be the doctor at the clinic, but had to take a break due to some health issues. However, now he had came back and was better than ever. Standing up, he helped me drop my shorts, and he took my blood pressure. I asked him if it was okay, and he said that I was perfectly healthy. Taking my temperature was no big deal, and I tried to crack a joke with him. Going back to standing at the end of the exam table, the Doc pulled down my underwear. I asked him if the female nurse was going to come in, and he said that she was off. Being stripped of all my clothes, I returned to the table, and Dr. Rimmerman started to touch and rub my body. (MORE)


The Doc told me that he did this with all of the soccer players, and so I relaxed a little bit more. As he was rubbing my chest and stomach area, his hands would slid further south, touching my dick on occasion. I asked him if we were done, but he said no and to just relax. Readjusting on the table, Rimmerman had me move to the end of the exam table, and he was touching me in ways that no one else ever has. Pulling me close to his body, and I didn’t know what was going to happen. The Doc was getting hot, so he took off his shirts to give him some relief. Rubbing and moving my balls around, he asked me to hold them up while he inspected down below. I had no idea what he was looking for, since I didn’t complain about anything. However, the touching was starting to feel good, and I didn’t really want him to know that. He told me that he would use a tool, and a few seconds later I realized that it was his tongue that was against my hole. He asked me how it felt, and I told him good. (MORE)


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