College Boy Physicals Dr. Dallas & Ricky

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Ricky at College Boy Physicals says,

Early this week I received a letter in the mail from the dean’s office saying that it has been a year since my last physical, and that I need to complete another one as soon as possible. Calling the clinic they were able to get me in to see a doctor the following day, and told me that I would be seeing a new physician Dr. Dallas. When I arrived at the clinic, of course the first thing I had to do was give them my insurance card, along with money. Sitting in the waiting room, all they had were old hot rod and golf magazines for guys. I flipped through two, and then my name was called to be escorted to an exam room. Taking a seat, it was only a few minutes before there was a knock at the door and it was the Doc. He came in and looked over my chart and what I was in for. Making small talk he got some information and started looking me over. (MORE)


Without wasting much time Dallas had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. He felt my gag reflexes, felt around my chest, and then asked me to drop my pants. Returning to seating down on the table, he had me lean back so that he could start feeling my lower abdominal area. Pausing he could tell that I was a little swollen and puffy, and asked me how long it had been going on. I responded by telling him that it was a little tender the last couple of days. I was told to take off my underwear, and Dr. Dallas began to examine my balls, to find that they were enlarged. He said that he would be able to provide some relief rather quickly and make me feel better. (MORE)


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