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Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

I broke my ankle and had been seeing Dr. Dick on making sure that it has been heeling correctly. The last time I was in the clinic he told me to make an appointment to just make sure that there were no issues after he took off the cast in a couple of weeks. Well, weeks later I arrived at the clinic I was taken from the waiting room to one of the many exam rooms where I was greeted by Dr. Toppinbottom. He explained that Dr. Dick wasn’t in the office, and that he would be performing my exam. Looking over my chart and then at me he noticed that my ankle didn’t have any bruising and seemed to be healing rather nicely. I also told him that I wanted a regular physical while I was in, and the Doc seemed to be up for doing that. He took down my basic information and had me take off my shirt. Listening to my heart, lungs, and looking into my eyes he mentioned that everything so far was going good. Dr. Toppinbottom did take notice in my losing some weight without really changing my diet or doing any exercise. (MORE)


Sitting back on the exam table the Doc put on a glove and was going to check my lower pelvic area for any tender spots. As he felt around, my underwear became lower and lower until my dick was fully exposed. He moved my dick and balls around to check them out to make sure that everything was okay. After that he told me that because of my age it was a good idea to start having regular prostate exams, and so for him to do that I needed to drop my underwear. I was repositioned on the exam table and Dr. Toppinbottom pulled out the foot stirrups for me to rest my feet in. Sitting there with my legs wide apart and my asshole exposed I do have to say that I found out what a girl goes through for a checkup. The Doc applied some lube to his fingers and warmed them up for a second before he proceeded with sticking one in my butt hole. (MORE)


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