College Boy Physicals – Shane & Dr. Dallas

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Shane at College Boy Physicals says,

I was left alone in the exam room while Dr. Dick left for a while and was going to bring in another doctor. The experimental drug left a weird taste in my mouth, and I just sat on exam table waiting. It only took a few minutes for the drug to kick in and I decided to go ahead and put my underwear on while I waited. There was a knock at the door and the two doctors walked in and Dr. Dick introduced the new Doc. We began talking about what I was experiencing and how I was feeling. Then, the next thing that they wanted to do was check me over again. Dr. Dick began going through some kind of checklist while Dr. Dallas wrote all the information on the form. They listened to my heart, lungs, took my blood pressure, and looked down my throat. We talked about how the lighting was affecting me, and that I was just experiencing a rush type feeling. Dr. Dick examined my chest and abdominal area, while Dr. Dallas put on a pair of gloves to check out my genitals. (MORE)


Both Doctors were checking my dick and balls out and there were four hands in my underwear feeling around. I was a little nervous, but just sat there not knowing what to say or do. Once they were done with that, Dr. Dick started explaining to Dr. Dallas that things are done a little differently in this clinic. That was when Dr. Dick instructed Dallas to suck on my dick, and the Doc did it! He lowered his mouth over my head, and swallowed my dick. Sucking on it using all the muscles in his mouth, I do have to admit that he knew how to give great head. He was able to get me hard, and Dr. Dick told him to go on and suck my balls as well. As his tongue covered every inch of my sack, Dr. Dick felt the tip of my cock keeping it hard. I watched the Doc service my dick, and I couldn’t believe that Dallas was so good at Oral. He moved to keeping his mouth on the tip of my cock, while Dr. Dick stroked the bottom part of my shaft. When they thought that I was fully hard, they paused what they were doing and measured my dick to get a reading after a dose of the drug. (MORE)


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