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College Boy Physicals says,

It was around 2:30pm and I was almost completed with my patients. My last patient of the day was Santos, I enter the room and there waiting for me was a cute slender latino guy. I asked him way he’s here and he told me that he wants to get out of his gym class because he wants to enroll in art. He needed a note from me to release him from his athletic class so he can enroll in the art class. (MORE)


I had him remove his shirt and he had a really nice smooth toned body. He was a bit nervous because I gave him a deal. For me to give him the not to get out of gym, he had to endure one of my sexual experiments. This experiment would be conducted on his next visit but this visit I wanted to make sure he was nice and healthy. I first listen to his heart and then check out his vitals which he look very healthy. I then had him remove the rest of his clothes making sure he leaves his undies on. I then felt around his lower stomach and groin area to make sure everything is in order. Part of my experiment is with this new sex toy I’m developing so I wanted to inspect his penis a lot more. (MORE)


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