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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I got a visit from Rex. Rex was one of the boys that came into my office for a sperm donation. He was complaining he didn’t feel so well and had some complaints about his stomach not feeling well. I had him sit on the exam table as I went through his vital signs. He seem to look fine but who knows with boys his age. Since I didn’t have to rush through and deal with the boys donating there sperm I had the time to properly and thoroughly give Rex an exam. After taking his blood pressure and listening to his heart.

Then starting feeling his chest area working my way down to his upper abdomen and then lower abdomen. I then placed my fingers underneath the waistband of his undies feeling the base of his penis. I had him remove his undies as I thoroughly examined his genitals. As my memory served me right, Rex had a raging hard and had a very nice cock. I got a closer look by inserting my mouth onto his cock and sucked his boy cock. Rex has a really nice cock and I really enjoyed feeling his hard throbbing cock in my mouth. Rex only being 18, had a cock that was hard as a hammer. Rex is also very sensitive and cums very fast so I have to be careful not to make him cum so fast. I like teasing him and keeping him on the edge as I teased his frenum with the tip of my tongue. I was driving Rex crazy and I know he was dying to cum as I kept him on the edge of his climax. Rex is really hot, smoothed toned body with a killer cock that I couldn’t get enough of.

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