College Boy Physicals – Nurse Ajay And Ty Tucker

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Tucker at College Boy Physicals says,

I was starting to experience some anxiety issues, and so I called the doctor’s office to see if I could get in. They set me up to see Dr. Rimmerman, but when I showed up for the exam he seemed to be a little overbooked. Nurse Ajay took me back to the exam room to get started to see if he could help speed up the wait. He started by asking me some general questions. I responded with telling him that I am 20 years old, 5′11″ and 170 lbs. The nurse was respectful when I basically told him that I just wanted to tell the Doc why I was in. Continuing on filling out his form, he asked me to take off my shirt to listen to my heart rate. Taking it off, I throw it to the side, and he took a listen. Next on his list was my blood pressure, which I knew would be awesome since I am in great shape. Ajay commented on my body, and made fun of how much ear wax I had. Putting on a glove, he made small talk about my going to school as he did things. Sticking a tongue depressor in my mouth he took a look. Feeling my throat he was checking my glands to see if they were swollen. (MORE)


To take my temperature he asked me to finish stripping down out of my clothes. I stood up and took off my jeans and underwear. Climbing onto the table, I had to get on all fours as he was preparing the thermometer. He inserted it into my asshole very slowly and spun it around. When he told me that I had a normal temperature, I turned back over and took a seat on the table. Nurse Ajay started to feel my balls, and did the turn your head and cough test. He felt around the area with his hands, and I told him that I was feeling fine. Ajay took off his gloves off and said that he was going to continue to massage the area. Picking up my cock in his hand he started to pull on the shaft of my dick. As he played with my cock, I told him that there was no pain. He responded by telling me to relax, I put my head back and kept my eyes closed to try and envision some fantasy in my head. When he said that this part of the exam was normal, I responded with telling him that I trusted him. (MORE)


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