College Boy Physicals – Nelson Part 2

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College Boy Physicals says,

Nelson came back for his follow up visit and still complaining about his insomnia and that he really can’t sleep. Dr. Toppinbottom can’t figure out why he’s having problems sleeping. Everything seems to be normal and nothing out of the ordinary. The doctor decides to really find out whats wrong and does a more indepth exam on Nelson. (MORE)


I started again with Nelson’s vital signs and double checked his throat and his ears and once again listen to his heart. This time I also double checked his blood pressure and that seemed to be normal as well. I didn’t know what the problem is and why Nelson couldn’t sleep at night so I continued with my exam and had Nelson lay back and again I checked his genitals and made sure everything was good down there. Nelson gets erections very easily and so I decided once again to test his penis and thoroughly examine is dick, I inserted it into my mouth and starting sucking it once again. I also had him turn around and decided to check his back and spin since that sometimes can effect a persons sleeping habits. As I was checking his back, I notice Nelson had a really hot ass and I figured to examine that was well.  (MORE)


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