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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Its our first annual college sperm drive and we are paying college students to donate there sperm and we are paying them $100 for there donation. The first patient to arrive was Mikey that has been to our clinic before. Mikey if you remember has been with Dr. James and Dr. PhingerPhuk but this is his first time with me. He came into the clinic with a flyer advertising the sperm donation and he wanted to earn the $100. Since Mike is broke, and a struggling student, he can always use the extra $100 bucks. (MORE)


I had him sit on the exam table and I did a quick check of his vital signs. He wasn’t here for a complete exam but I just wanted to make sure that he was in good health. I guess Mike was surprised and thought he would just be in a private room and jerk off and give him his sperm sample but I kept on examining him. I had him drop his pants and I examined his genitals feeling the shaft of his hugh cock. As I was feeling it, his cock started growing and getting hard in my hands. This guys cock was huge and for such a skinny kid, he had a wonderful hard full cock. I think he didn’t realize that giving a sperm sample wasn’t going to be that easy. (MORE)


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