College Boy Physicals – Keith-Austin-Ajay Pt 2

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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Keith and I went back for our following appointment to see if we had experienced any side effects over night from the drug. The next day we showed up at the clinic and the nurse at the counter took us back to one of the exam rooms to wait for Nurse Ajay to come in for the exam. He explained that he was going to be looking for any side effects, but was also going to administer a double dose of the serum. Both Keith and I took a seat next to one another and stripped out of T-shirts like we were asked. Ajay started with taking a listen to my lungs and chest before going over to Keith. After that he gave us two spoonfuls of the liquid that was supposed to make us straight. While we gave it some time to kick in, we were instructed to lose the pants and underwear. Bare ass naked the Nurse felt around my pelvic area for any tender spots, before moving over to Keith. Afterward he wanted us to play with ourselves to get on with the experiment. (MORE)


As I was stroking my cock and stealing a glance over at Keith, Nurse Ajay was getting rather warm in all of his clothes. He lost his shirt to see if that would make a difference and started to give me oral. Sucking on my dick, he was doing an amazing job of deep-throating and making sure to touch every part of my dick with his mouth. While he was giving me head, he reached over to get Keith to rub my chest. When the Nurse had enough of oral, he had Keith take over. Keith jumped up from the stool, and moved over to take Ajay’s spot. Oh was the blow job even better, and I loved it! I noticed that while we were busy doing our thing, Nurse Ajay had his back to us while he was doing something. Turning around I could see that he had a condom on his dick and it was lubed up and ready to go. Moving in behind Keith, Ajay made Keith spread his legs apart. Pushing his dick in, the Nurse was able to get his cock all the way in. Now that we were doing a threesome, Keith was getting fucked and in the beginning my dick kept Keith busy. However, the pleasure became too much and Keith was moaning like he does at home. As the Nurse thrust his hips forward the exam table would rock and make a lot of noises. I am sure that the people in the next room could hear. (MORE)


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