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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

My boyfriend Keith and I were looking in the newspaper and came across this ad in the newspaper where guys could make money participating in sexual experiments. I called the clinic and they asked me a series of questions to make sure that I would work, and they said that I could bring Keith as well. When we arrived at the clinic we both had to sign a bunch of paperwork before we could be taken back to one of the exam rooms for the doctor. After we finished, the nurse walked us back and put us in a room. I took a seat on the exam table and Keith sat next to me on a stool, and we just chilled while we waited for the doctor. Dr. Phingerphuck came in and introduced himself, when we explained why we were there. The Doc started to tell us that he had come up with some medical drink that straight guys could take to want to do gay sex, and that now the army got wind of it and they wanted him to come up with something that would do the reverse. That was where we came in, and we would make $1200 after we did three different visits to the clinic. The first thing that had to be done was a quick overview of our health. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuck started by asking me some standard questions about my height and weight. Next, he had me remove my shirt so that he could take a listen to my heart. The Doc could tell that I didn’t smoke by listening to my lungs. After that he took my blood pressure, and said that I had a normal range. When Phingerphuck asked about my sexual activity, I thought that it would had been obvious with my boyfriend sitting next to me. Both he and I have a promise to each other that we will always have safe sex with one another, and not take a chance with bare backing. I was told to take off my pants, and as I was sitting on the table in only my underwear the Doc put on a pair of gloves. He noticed my one pierced nipple as he felt around my body and down towards my dick. The next request was to have me remove my underwear, and I will admit that I was nervous. Touching and moving my dick around he noticed that I actually had some precum on my cock. After he finished checking out each of my balls Phingerphuck noticed that forgot to check my ears and eyes. (MORE)


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