College Boy Physicals – Karter And Doc

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Karter at College Boy Physicals says,

When the doctor came in he introduced himself and said that he would just be looking over Nurse Ajay’s assessment before he signed off on it. Dr. Rimmerman saw that I was in for a swimmer physical and even commented on my body. To start checking me out he listened to my pulse and then started to feel in different areas of my body for any tender areas. Then, using his stethoscope he listened to my heart and lungs, afterward he joked around about me having a heartbeat. To keep things moving, he told me that he was going to take off my underwear and make sure that everything was functioning. Dr. Rimmerman told me to relax as he rubbed my body with his hands and had me put my head back. As I tried to relax, I felt the Doc lift up my dick and could feel his mouth swallow it. Giving me head he proceeded to get it all the way down his throat, and gagged on it a couple of times. Dr. Rimmerman even told me I had a beautiful dick, and he kept teasing me with his tongue, and mouth. He asked if I would try giving him oral, and I quicly responded with a yes. (MORE)


The Doc stripped his pants off and leaned up against a chair, while lifting up his shirt. Dropping down to my knees in front of him, I started to kiss and nipple on his dick on the outside of his underwear. Pulling the briefs down, I put his cock in my mouth. I sucked the whole thing and then concentrate on the tip. At one point the Doc even asked if I like older guys, and I said yes. That was something that I don’t talk about, because on the swim team I would be hated for liking boys. Rimmerman had me lick his dick for a moment before he told me to get up on the exam table facing the wall. I did what I was told, and he asked if I wanted him to examine my ass. As soon as I said yes, he began to use his tongue against my hole, and working its way around. The Doc reached through my legs and stroked my dick a bit to get me even more turned on. I couldn’t help, but moan from everything my body was experiencing. Spiting a couple of times, he got my hole nice and wet. Moving his tongue quickly in a flickering motion, that was the best feeling in the world. (MORE)


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