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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It was a real busy day in the clinic as I was making my rounds from exam room to exam room. My next patient was a young college student named Justin. He’s a new patient so I had to take some time with him. As I walked into the exam room I saw this cute tanned guy waiting with a really nice smile and sculptured face with defined facial features. (MORE)


I found out he’s 23 years old, he’s going to school for criminal law and his last exam was over 3 months. He’s been having issue’s falling asleep and then during the day he’s tired and cranky. I asked him a few questions about the history of his health and then proceeded to look into his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I then asked him to remove his shirt. He had a really nice smooth body with tattoos, perfectly toned and tanned and nicely built for his age. I checked his heart and listen a bit to his lungs and although he smokes and I advised him to cut down on his smoking. After I listen to his heart I had him stand up and remove his pants and then weighed him on the scale. For his age he weighed 152lbs and was 5′11. I had go back onto the exam table and this time I was getting excited to do a thorough penis exam. I felt around his lower abdomen and then once again had him stand up as he removed his undies. I felt his scrotum and each testicle and rolled in my hands and then I did the famous “turn your head and cough”, he had no hernia’s and everything seem to be fine with his genitals. I wasn’t finding anything abnormal about my new patient. I continued to feel around his genitals and the told him to lay back on the exam table once again. I explained to him that we have certain techniques in this clinic and proceeded to grab his cock and place his soft cock into my mouth as I teased his cock with my cock and the pressure of my lips tightening around the shaft of his cock. I felt his cock grow and harden in my mouth as I was aggressively sucking his cock. Now that I got him nice and hard, I kept on sucking his cock and he loved having his cock stroked as I was sucking on his balls. I spread his legs and place them up in the stirrups as I stood right in the center of his legs sucking and stroking his throbbing cock. (MORE)


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