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Jarrett at College Boy Physicals says,

I was experiencing some pain and muscle tension in my legs, and went back to the clinic for another visit when Dr. Toppinbottom wanted me to come back in. The nice thing about only being in the day before was that the Nurse was able to take me right to the exam room and I didn’t have to wait for every long. The Doc came in and asked how things were after the exam the day before. I told him better, but still experienced the pain. Toppinbottom told me that he wanted to try something a little more intense. That involved electro stimulation, and it sounded really interesting. The first thing that I had to do was strip out of my clothing to my underwear. Sitting back on the table he was going to gave me a little experiment before doing the real thing. (MORE)


Dr. Toppinbottom applied both pads to one of my legs and turned on the machine. It took a moment for the muscles in my leg to contract and the Doc experimented with a couple of different levels. When he was ready he turned off the machine and had me remove my underwear. Taking a seat on the table, the Doc applied some lube to my dick very evenly, and applied two straps around my dick. With that he turned the machine back on and it started to send these electroshock waves through my dick. It didn’t feel to bad, just a little odd. I had to tell him when the sensation got a little too strong for my liking and he turned it back down. The longer the machine was on, the harder my dick seemed to get on its own with no touching it. Dr. Toppinbottom told me that he had another device that he wanted to use as well. Reaching behind the table, Dr. Toppnbottom pulled out this toy and showed it to me. This one was going to connect to the machine as well, but the difference was that it was going to go in my ass. It was funny that the Doc used professional words to say it, because I would have just said that the machine was just going to fuck me. (MORE)


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