College Boy Physicals – Jarrett And Doc

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Jarrett at College Boy Physicals says,

I showed up for my follow-up visit where I was to see how things were and if the Doc could release any more tension that I was experiencing in my legs. Dr. Toppinbottom came into the exam room and asked how things were after we tried the electro stimulation the last time and honestly I did feel much better after that, but about four days after the achy muscles came back. He told me that he knew a couple other things he could try and so he said that he just wanted to get a listen to my heart before he started some new experiments with me. The Doc had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and breathing and that only took a minute. After that he said that he wanted to perform a quick oral exam and so he had me finish stripping out of my clothes. Standing off to the side of the exam table I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor and took a seat on the exam table. Dr. Toppinbottom dropped to his knees and started sucking on my cock. Swallowing it in his mouth he was giving me a great blow job, using a combination of his mouth and hand. He kept pausing a bit, and so I held onto the back of his head to get him to go deeper. (MORE)


My cock was raging horny to blow a load, so it was thick and hard. He took a break and told me that he wanted me to return the favor. Standing up he stripped out of all his clothes and leaned back on a stool. I dropped to the floor and put hi dick in my mouth, I began to give him a blow job, and get him just as excited and turned on as he had me. He seemed to moan a lot from oral and liked when I went down further on his dick. Teasing him I would get him going and then would just lick and leaving him wanting more. Dr. Toppinbottom said that he wanted to do a little more anal probing. The Doc directed me over to the exam table and had me bend over leaning on the table. As I faced in the opposite direction it was only two seconds later that I felt him shove his hard cock in my ass. He wasn’t gentle either, so I knew that he was horny and into me. As he fucked my ass he changed up the speeds and depths of the pounding. With every pound my dick would flop against the exam table. (MORE)



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