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Jarrett at College Boy Physicals says,

Right away Dr. Toppinbottom walked back into the exam room while I was getting dressed and said that the sample he got wasn’t going to be enough for the testing. I said okay, and he directed me to have a seat on the exam table once more. As I sat down, the Doc wasted no time in dropping to his knees and started to give me a blow job once more. One thing was for sure and that was the Doc knew just how to give a good blow job. The best part for me was when he would deep-throat my cock and coming back up he would use his hand to jerk me off. He used a combination of his hand and mouth, which didn’t take long for me to get fully get hard. Dr. Toppinbottom started to get hot with all his clothes on and from doing all that work, so he stood up and peeled off his shirt to reveal his white, pale chest. As he stood there to the side, I got off the table and walked over to him. I knew that was my indicator that he wanted me to give him head. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I reached up to help him take his pants off. (MORE)


Exposing his dick he was hung from just getting off, and horny for some more action and so I put the dick in my mouth and started sucking. As I moved my mouth up and down on his dick I could feel his boner in my lips getting harder. It’s a big turn on for me when guys moan and make noises, because it goes to show that they’re enjoying whatever happens to be going on. He had me pause for a moment and that was when he explained that I was going to get my revenge on him, and at first I didn’t know what that meant. Toppinbottom moved around the room getting a couple of things and handed me a condom to put on. What?? I was going to get to fuck the doctor in the ass. I mean I knew that he was into me, but I didn’t know that much. Putting the condom on we started with him bent over the table just like I was, and just as I was about to push my dick in. I thought for a second before I did anything about taking it easy and that thought quickly went away. (MORE)



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