College Boy Physicals – Dr. Cox And Jared

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today I was following up with Jarrod to see if his wrist still hurts. I had him sit on the exam table and I examined his wrist to make sure it didn’t hurt him. I couldn’t help looking at him with his sexy eyes and since we already fooled around in last weeks exam, I figured I would take advantage of the situation and grab his crotch and start kissing him. Too my amazement, he didn’t resist my coming onto him. Jarrod is a real passionate kisser and I become hard very fast.  (MORE)


I had him remove his shirt and unbutton his jeans as I got undressed and pushed him to the floor and had him suck my uncut cock. Jarrod is a really hot cocksucker and it felt really good having him tease and suck my cock. I then place him on the exam table and I wanted to suck his cock so bad. Jarrod was very hard and I can see his cock was throbbing waiting for his turn. I placed my hand at the base of his cock, holding his huge cock I then moved closer and took my tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock. I then gulp down on his cock taking his huge cock down my throat. I couldn’t help my suck and tease his cock and by his response, he loved having his cock sucked. Jarrod has a really nice 7.5 inch cock. While I was sucking his cock I was thinking how it would feel if I had him fuck me really hard. I wasn’t sure to go to the next step but I figured since he like having is cock sucked, that he wouldn’t mind fucking me in my tight ass. (MORE)


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