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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

I was very surprised to see David return so soon. I already passed him for his physical so he can join the ROTC. When I asked why he’s back he had explain to me that his ROTC corporal was really working him hard and he has pain. I had David sit on the exam table and I started checking his vital signs once again. Although it has only been a week, nothing really changed that much. I then had him undress completely nude so I can inspect his body for any bruises and make sure that David is stretching and flexing his muscles and working out his joints. I continued to work his relaxes touching his body and feeling my way around his hot smooth body. Everything seemed to be normal so I don’t know what his problem is, perhaps he just in here because he likes the exam. (MORE)


I then proceeded to take his temperature and placed his feet onto the stirrups, this also gave me the opportunity to really inspect his anus, perhaps the pain he is speaking about is not in his arms and legs but perhaps in his ass and the corporal is fucking him really good and hard. Just as I suspected, David’s ass was being used for a lot of training from his corporal. His as was getting looser from the last time he was in for his exam so I continued my tested working on his hot boy hole and stimulating David’s prostrate. (MORE)


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