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College Boy Physicals says,

Corey is our newest patient. This hot smooth toned straight 21 year old college student has to go to the doctors for a physical each year because he only has one testicle. At age nine, he had an accident and they needed to remove one of his testicles. Every year he as to go to the doctors and get a check up to make sure nothing is wrong with his one and only testicle and that everything is in working order. (MORE)


Cory was a bit nervous since this was his first time not at his normal doctor. I told him that we give a very thorough exam to all new students that arrive. I did his normal heart and throat and ears exam and I listen to his heart and such and then took his blood pressure. Everything was working just fine and nothing seem to out of place. I had him remove his shorts just leaving his undies on and I weighed him. Cory is 5′11 and weights 135lbs. Has a really smooth toned body with fine blond hair, he reminded me of the local surfer dudes that hang out on the beach. After weighing him, I had him jump back onto the exam table were I palpated his upper chest and worked my hands down his lower abdomen. Again, everything was in great working order and no normalites to report. I had young healthy 21 year old guy, that was in perfect shape. (MORE)


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