College Boy Physicals – Coach & Ty 2

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Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

After the coach completed sucking my cock, we were getting dress to continue to wait for the doc but my coach had a different idea and he was really horny. The coach locked the exam room door and demanded and forced me to sock his cock. I felt a bit violated and dirty sucking his cock, but I did want to make the team so I got in front of the coach and I started blowing his cock. I hope I was doing a good job and the coach was enjoying every moment of my cock sucking skills. He then jumped on the exam table as I continued to suck his cock but I didn’t expect that he wanted to fuck my ass. I didn’t argue with the coach and he bent me over and placed his hard cock into my tight ass fucking me really good. The coach new what he was doing but he wanted to get off fast since the doc was on his way. The coach was fucking me deep and hard and then he grabbed me and placed me on the exam table as he continued fucking me deep hard with his cock going in & out. (MORE)


The coach then took off his condom and came all over my balls…he then instructed me to stroke my cock and he helped stroke my cock as well…and we both took turns stroking my hard throbbing cock. With several strokes I came really hard blowing my load giving my coach a really hot show. I couldn’t enjoy the moment as the doc was trying to get into the exam room when the door was locked and the doc was outside the exam room demanding to enter the room. Both the coach and I scrambled to fix up the exam room and tried to put back our clothes……see what happens next!!! (MORE)


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