College Boy Physicals – Ashton Part 3

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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My next patient for the day was a repeat patient that Dr. Dick and Dr. Phingerphuk already examined. He has a prescription for Viagra and I just don’t understand a young man like him would do with Viagra. The patient was waiting and as I entered the room I notice this was a really hot boy….his eyes blue, skin smooth and he had a really nice built. I see lots of college kids but this boy was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to examine him. Ashton was a bit rude and nasty and bitched that the last doctor gave him a prescription to viagra for just only 3 pills and it was several weeks since his last visit so Ashton really went through the pills. As a doctor I wanted to find out why a boy his age of 19 would need such pills. He explained that since he’s a party college kid, that when he got wasted, he uses the pills to give him a boost so he can fuck all the girls. I told him that could be dangerous and the pills shouldn’t be use that way and since its a blood thinner and it can effect the heart, I told him to remove his shirt so I can listen to his heart. Its seem to be beating normally and no complications. I then asked the patient to remove his clothes and then I proceeded to examine his penis very thoroughly. Of course this is a unconventional clinic so with years of practice and placed his cock into my mouth and proceed to suck his cock. I have this amazing dick sucking skills that I learned overseas at another clinic and my patient was really enjoying my technique that I’ve learned and mastered over the years. I kept on sucking him and keeping him on the edge and I didn’t allow my hot badboy patient to cum so fast. I mentioned to him that he didn’t seem to have a problem…so he begged me and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (MORE)


I then removed my clothes and he started sucking my cock. I told him if he does a really good job, that I will reward him and he would have to prove to me and give me a great blowjob to earn his prescription to viagra. Ashton really wanted those pills because he sucked my cock just as good as me, and I’m skilled and experienced. I’m laying on the exam table with this hot bi-curious so called “straightboy” slurping on my cock and jerking me off…I grabbed his cock and stroked as he was sucking and licking my balls. His dick was super hard and so was mine…it was just a matter when one of us was going to cum…as he continued to suck and tease my dick…my dick was really throbbing and I wanted to cum oh so bad with each lick and stroke and suck…I wanted to blow my load…but I kept holding on and continued to stroke his cock and his muscles tightend up his balls got tight and as I stroked harder and faster, spews of hot cum spurted out as he had a very hard orgasm as I continued to stroke. (MORE)


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