College Boy Physicals – Ashton And New Doc

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The new doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today was my first day at the clinic, my name is Dr. James. I’m the younger brother of the first Dr. James that worked in this clinic in the past. After meeting with Dr.Dick, he sent me to see one of the more popular patients named Ashton. Ashton has already been in to see Dr. Dick, Dr. PhingerPhuk and Dr. Topinbotom numerous times and I was warned that he was trying to score some Viagra. You see Ashton only comes to the clinic so he can get his fix for Viagra and then he sells them to other students. (MORE)


When I entered the room, I was well aware of his situation and I was prepared. To my surprise, he wasn’t here for his fix for Viagra but he injured his knee. Ashton explained while doing some hazing in one of the college dorm rooms, he had to get on top of a coke machine and flip off which he did but had injured his knee at the same time. Ashton is a hot care-free 19 year old going to college and hustling his way through school. I remember guys like this when I went to college and when I was broke and many of us guys did things we weren’t so proud of doing, but it got us through school. In Ashton’s case, he was trying to get into some frat parties and such and now he’s injured. (MORE)


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