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College Boy Physicals says,

Again Ashton is here in the exam room. I’m tired of seeing this boy and I know he’s up to something and he continues to ask me for a prescription for Viagra. I don’t have the heart to ignore him because Ashton is so cute. He has a nice smooth toned body and although his a bit rough around the edges with his tattoos and such…he has nice eyes and I love his mouth and his body so I guess I keep on seeing him as a patient due to the fact I think he’s cute. (MORE)


Ashton is a hot 19 year old guy, 5′11, straight boy that weighs in about 145lbs. Ashton is waiting again on the exam table as I enter the room. I check over his chart and I can’t believe he went through those pills I gave him. I think he’s selling them to his friends so this time I’m going to make him work for his pills. I again start out checking his heart which seems to be normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I give him a basic exam and everything seems to be in working order. At this time, I figured I’m going to test his limits and I have him place on a condom and I bend over on the exam table and have Ashton fuck me in the ass. I wanted to test to see how strong his cock was and to see if it can go into my ass. (MORE)


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