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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My new patient was waiting in the waiting area of the clinic and he’s new to this clinic. I called him back into the exam room and I find out that he’s been having issue’s sleeping at night. Apparently he’s been sleeping and as he sleeps he feels someone groping him. When he awakes, nobody is in the room. Very strange, I’m thinking, and I think he needs more then a medical Doctor, perhaps a shrink! (MORE)


Not knowing what is going on with my new patient. I start checking his vital signs and as I’m listening to his heart and taking his blood pressure I find out he’s a 20 year old college student by the name of Aaron. He weighs about 135lbs and stands about 5′9 and seems to be in good shape. I had him undress and it seems like Aaron works out and has a really nice, toned, worked out body. His body is smooth and tight and he has a really nice ass. I felt around his lower abdomen a bit and that seemed to be normal. As a new doctor I’m a bit perplexed because I’m trying to figure out his problem with this sleeping issue he has. (MORE)


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