Ryan Quaid and Matthew Ross

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Even in the Czech Republic college boys will be, well, college boys.  Ryan Quaid and Matthew Ross show typical college bravado as they display their muscles to each other and playfully try to cop a feel. These two young studs keep trying to angle for the dominant position as they each pin the other against the wall and strip each other naked.  You can see how hot each stud is for the other as Ryan pulls Matthew’s already-hard cock out of his jeans.


Matthew straddles Ryan’s pole and slides his asshole down on it. Ryan looks up in ecstasy while he thrusts his dick deeper and deeper. The guys end up in doggie position so we get a great look at Ryan’s dick pounding Matthew, his balls flapping hard.   Ryan blows his huge load all over Matthew’s back then Matthew turns over and shoots onto his stomach.

An A+ in chemistry for both!

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