Mitch Vaughn and Drew Cutler

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Introducing Mitch Vaughn.

These two studs share more than a passing resemblance to one another. Sure, Mitch and Drew both have nearly-shaved heads, tight compact bodies, and are very well endowed. But it’s their pure unadulterated sex drive that makes this video such a turn-on. They love sucking cock and who can blame them? Both men have a knack for blow jobs (wait ’til you see our overhead shot of their 69 action). The hotness level goes up even higher when the ass play gets started, which gets top-man Drew amped up to drill Mitch’s tight and hungry hole. All the hot fucking turns out to be a deeply satisfying way for both men to blow their loads. And wait ’til you see Mitch’s load…Five of the biggest cum shots we’ve ever seen… all at once… from one man!

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