Mike Rivers gets fucked by Rick McCoy

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As soon as Rick McCoy walks into the room, the first thing he sees is the head of Mike River’s bulging hard-on sticking out of his underwear. Wasting no time, Rick gets on his knees and gives Mike a blow job. Rick starts by opening wide, swallowing Mike’s head, sucking the shaft and then going all the way down to the pubes. Both guys strip down and Mike takes his turn sucking Rick before both guys hop in bed for some smoking-hot 69 action. Mike gives Rick’s lily-white ass a rim job before laying on his back so Rick can lick his crack and suck on his balls. Then it’s time to screw and Rick gets super turned on while fucking Mike doggy-style. He pounds away no matter what position, finally fucking the cum right out of Mike. Stick around for the end to watch a very sweaty Rick add his jizz to the pool on Mike’s stomach.


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