Jimmy Coxxx gets fucked by Rick McCoy

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What a couple of hot young men… who just happen to LOVE to fuck. Each other.

How can you not like that?

Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx lay on the bed choosing one of two options.  They’re either gonna wrestle or fuck!  Our hearts sank when Jimmy (the bigger of the two) chose to wrestle.  But we got our hopes up again when he and Rick quickly stripped down to nothing but their birthday suits and began furiously pawing each other and twisting their arms and legs together.

A winded Jimmy quickly ended up on his back and Rick wisely took matters into his own hands and mouth. He went down on Jimmy’s cock, setting off a back-and-forth round of cocksucking, intermittently interrupted by periods of body groping and lip-smacking butt play. All this horse-play turned into full-on man play when Rick lubed up and slid his hard-on inside of Jimmy’s hungry hole.  Each position this duo tried was hotter than the one before and it’s amazing they could wait as long as they did before they almost simultaneously blew their loads.

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