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“Cowabunga” is what excited surfers used to shout out back in the 1960s as they would begin their drop down after climbing up a wall of water.  Fast forward to 2011 and the term symbolizes the post-surfing ecstasy experienced by hotties Brendan Cage and Trent Atkins. This duo was hanging ten all day and poor Trent sunburned his shoulders.  A concerned Brenden (horny’s more like it!) offers to soothe his buddy’s red skin with some special lotion.  His hands soon wander from the original target and end up inside Trent’s board shorts.  In short order, both guys are buck naked and take turns sucking each other’s cocks.  The bar counter under the thatched hut turns out to be a great place for Trent to rest his right leg as Brenden eats out his ass. Trent’s hole is then filled with Brenden’s pole.  The fuckfest ends on beach towels with the guys taking turns dropping their cum loads. “Cowabunga” indeed!”

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