CiteBeur: Sucking an Arab prince Alaïdin

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When he saw this handsome arab prince come to his house, Mathieu couldn’t believe his eyes. A very handsome middle-eastern gay man, well-dressed, tall, finely muscled, with a square, manly face. The guy has beautiful black eyes, a man’s voice, he’s top, circumcised and a good fucker… In one word, a perfect man! If he could marry him, Mathieu would have done it right there on the spot. The guy doesn’t waste any time. In this first part of the video he goes into pacha mode and puts his big arab cock in Mathieu’s mouth. Mathieu will have to suck that big arab dick, sniff and lick big balls, swallow the circumcized arab cock in the back of his throat while looking at prince with doe eyes while he sucks his cock.

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