CiteBeur: Muscled black worker destroys a white boy’s little hole

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Edito Deep works on a construction site all day long. His big muscles aren’t just for fun. In the evening he deliberately stays longer on the site, supposedly to put away the tools, but in reality he’s waiting for his bitchy boy Rudy Light who comes to suck that big black cock every night. This evening too the white boy shows up to get his daily dose of big black cock. The muscular and overpowered black man inflicts some deep throats to the submissive white boy before breaking his ass in raw and deep mode. The worker is not in the softness. He’s busting rocks ass all day long, he has no mercy for this little white ass, that just wants to be pounded. Fucked like a bitch by this pussy-hungry opener every day, be sure that Rudy Light will be back tomorrow night too… His mission is to relieve this beautiful horny black male.

edito deep en mode travaux 14

edito deep en mode travaux 10

edito deep en mode travaux 4

edito deep en mode travaux 8

edito deep en mode travaux 17

edito deep en mode travaux 5

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