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Posted by Fratmen Chase. Unload your jizz with me over at the fratpad or watch my videos at!

A facelift to the Posse’s blog is almost ready to launch!

It can still use a little cleaning up, but for the most part, it’s ready to go, with a little room for growth still in there.

First, I’d like to ask for your help with any suggestions on content or changes. So as not to disrupt the original blog, it’s hanging out on a test page:

Second, I’d like to know if you all would prefer to replace this original blog, or start over new on the new URL. My inclination is to replace the old blog, since this URL is posted on all the other Fratmen’s blogs. Don’t worry, the old posts can be transferred to the new blog. As you’ll see, I imported most all of them to the new blog test page.

If you have any suggestions, or see something I’ve missed (broken links, something that doesn’t work, or something that is goofy) just let me know by posting comments here, or send sitemail to “AJ”

Feel free to pest the boss for content as well! Any ideas are welcomed!


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