The Making of a Fratman

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Posted by Fratmen Chase. Unload your jizz with me over at the fratpad or watch my videos at!

Hey gang, here’s a picture diary of our friend Chase…
You know the guy right?

Ah yes, our man Chase! So happy, and full of life!
Well…maybe not first thing in the morning:

Yeah, not so much. But don’t worry, he perks right back up after a few sips of tonic!!

Hmm, apparently that’s some tart stuff. Damn man, what did you put in your coffee??

Dr. Jekyll ain’t never made any tonic like that! It’s turning the boy into…

Uhm, an Evil Genius????

Ok, so maybe not, but then his body starts to reject the tonic. It looks like he’s feelin a little weird!

Uhm, Boss…you’re starting to scare the people!

Son of a BITCH!! Runnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Fight it boss!! Fight it off man! Calm yo crazy ass down!

That’s it!! You’ll be back to new in no time!

It’s ok, don’t feel bad. We all have times when we’re not ourselves.

Oh, comeon now, don’t be like that. It’s not like you got the…

Ass POXXXXXXXX!!!! Mwwwwwaaaahhahahahahaaaa.

Oh shit!! Sorry!! Really!! I didn’t mean it! Try some deep breathing.

That’s better, go back to your happy place.

It’s hard work, putting on a quality show at The FratPad! Members, our man Chase works hard to keep you all entertained, but BEWARE!!!! You never know when the POX will strike next!!

Until then, enjoy the our buddy…Fratmen Chase.

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