Pony 1.1 – the remix

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Posted by Fratmen Chase. Unload your jizz with me over at the fratpad or watch my videos at fratmen.tv!

Hey fellas, lady Kristin,

I thought while we are waiting for Pony 2.0, we could keep the posse busy with a remix of the original. So, here it is, my re-spin of the hottest video on the net. I call it “Pony 1.1”

AJ, better take your heart medication for this one. Scotty, ZZ, thank you for the pictures you so generously contributed to the cause. Chase…, thank you …for everything.

Welcome back bossman, and a very special welcome to everyone meeting Chase for the first time.

Sit back, relax, and as always, turn up the volume, because you know Chase would want it that way.

I hope you like it.


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