Skyler & Mick

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Look who is making a quick return to BSB land! Georgia peach Mick Torrence. He shares the studio
couch with Skyler Daniels. Skyler is slightly tired from all his birthday celebrating, while Mick is
working hard to keep his anxiety on the down low. :-)

“You can tell the nervousness is radiating off me, I’m sure,” Mick says.

For some reason the two lads are sitting far apart from each other. That is rectified with Mick
getting close, and putting his arm around Skyler. Who doesn’t love straight man bonding?
LOL! Today Mick will give dick sucking a go, giving and receiving. Apparently his roommate (a gay
guy) asked Mick for the privilege of mouthing his meat, but it never happened. Today that unlucky
roommate will get to see what could have been!

The lads strip to their underwear and feel each other up. Skyler is ready to play after a few
strokes, but is anyone surprised by that? :-) He puts his head in Mick’s lap and starts sucking. At
first Mick is non-committal, but soon enough he can’t help himself. His tool gets diamond hard. It
should. Skyler is making that meat all slick and wet. Taking it all, which is more than a mouthful.

Mick gets to give Skyler some head. At first, Mick is tentative. But he gets the hang of it. So much
so Skyler doesn’t have any words of advice.

“You’re doing good, Mick,” the cameraman notes.

Mick gives a johnson covered grin.

Mick lays down and Skyler returns to blowing. The sounds of sucking fill the studio as Skyler bobs
up and down. His toes curl from all the effort. As for Mick, he’s intrigued by Skyler’s work. Holds on
to the couch as the mouth magic is done. Even grabs the base of his hose and guides it to Skyler’s

Mick’s hips start to gyrate. Skyler gets on his side for better access and Mick leads Skyler to his
prize. As he pleasuring his scene partner, Skyler strokes his own sausage. This causes Skyler to
shoot a load that first hits his knee!

He keeps sucking and, without warning, Mick shoots in his mouth. Skyler gives a look of
displeasure as pearly white cum dribbles from his mouth. However, the lad never has looked
better than with man milk stained lips.

“How did it taste,” the cameraman wonders.

“Like shit,” Skyler replies.



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