Romeo Shows Off

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Looks like Romeo ditched Juliet in this scene and decided to get off on his own. Meet our new BSB recruit, Romeo. This guy is no son of Montague. He doesn’t even look Italian! However, he loves his wine and spirits, maybe a little too much.

“I’m on my third DWI, and I lost my license. So I have no transportation to work. So I’m jobless and broke.”

He casually undresses and gets down to his t-shirt and undies. Romeo the first time he fell in love–with his cock. He said he first jerked off at his grandparent’s home when he  was ten years old. He doesn’t have to jerk off as much as he did back in the day. He gets a lot of play from the ladies apparently. He and his friend double-teamed a cougar once.

Romeo strokes his cock slow and gently. It takes him a moment but he gets into the groove soon enough forgets he’s being filmed. You can’t miss that nice ball sack and those hairy legs.

He admits to playing with his hole from time to time. He pulls his legs up and gives a peek. Romeo fingers it and gets even more excited. I wonder if he’s ever taken anything bigger than a finger…

Romeo puts those fine legs back on the floor and shoots huge load. It slathers his stomach and pubes. When asked, he takes a taste of his own man milk.

“Taste pretty good,” Romeo observes.

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