Romeo James Fucks Paul Canon

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Pretense is for preteens and Romeo James and Paul Canon are grown men. The scene opens with them standing face-to-face, kissing. They decided to skip the formal introductions. Romeo’s cock bulging through his shorts, he’s definitely into it. Paul slowly undresses Romeo and sits him down on the couch. He puts the moves on him, sucking his nipples and licks his hot pits.

“Yeah! Shit. Fuck,” Romeo moans.

Paul stands Romeo back up removes his underwear and immediately swallows his rock hard cock. Paul is not kidding around with this cock in his mouth. He’s sucks it with passion and moans with a deep desire to please. Romeo’s dick throbs as he fucks Paul’s fat lips. Romeo leans down and kisses Paul and descends down to his knees to return the favor. Paul lounges in the recliner as Romeo energetically slobs, slurps and sucks his sausage.

Paul pulls Romeo into yet another passionate kiss and gets in the doggie style position on the recliner. Romeo dives tongue first into Paul’s beautiful butt. Romeo licks and tongue fucks his hole. Paul slowly jacks his cock and his hole is being devoured.

After getting his fill of Paul’s sweet cheeks, Paul grabs the lube and slathers some on his softened ass hole. Romeo slowly anchors his cock inside Paul’s wet boy pussy.

“Go slow,” Paul pleads.

Romeo starts slow but eventually he can’t help but go faster and harder, Paul’s ass is too tight not to. Paul arches his back perfectly for maximum penetration and Romeo takes full advantage.

“Not so deep,” Paul whines.

They switch positions, kissing first. Paul straddles Romeo and the fucking continues. Paul bites his lip, leans down and offers a kiss for the hard fuck.

Paul gets on his back and Romeo grabs Paul’s legs pounding him balls deep. Romeo sexy pale butt moves and wiggles as he strokes. After a few more minutes of deep hard stroking Paul announces that he’s about to cum. He shoots a huge load all over his torso. Romeo pulls out and jacks himself and almost immediately explodes, spilling his seed all over Paul’s tender ass hole.

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3 Responses to "Romeo James Fucks Paul Canon"
  1. John B. John B. says:

    That Paul guy is so hot. Would fuck that kid anytime. I’m not so crazy about the top though.

  2. Xtian Xtian says:

    I love you Paul Canon!

  3. Kevan Kevan says:

    Paul Canon perpetually looks stoned. Haha.

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