Broke Straight Boys: Romeo James Fucks Damien Kyle

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When this update opens up, the cameraman calls Romeo James and Damien Kyle “two of his favorite models.” Willing to bet many of you out there in BSB feel the same way. If you don’t, Rick Santorum sweaters are probably the things that make you hot and bothered! LOL!

“What’s popping,” Damien asks.

According to the cameraman, the morning was spent drinking coffee and chatting. When he asks Romeo what will happen in this scene, the answer is definitive.

“I’m going to pound Damien,” Romeo notes.

“Hey, I’m no Juliet,” Damien responds.

Damien isn’t sure he wants to be slammed, but once his fee is increased he changes his mind.


“You can go fast. Hard. Whatever.”

Who doesn’t like a compliant bottom boy? 🙂

The lads begin to kiss, and then lose their shirts. They return to smooching, with Damien getting on top of Romeo. The kissing gets passionate as Damien grinds against Romeo. The pelvis thrusting and lip locking gets Romeo hard, which is easy to see when they both get naked. After nibbling on Damien’s nipple, Romeo opens wide for dick.

He deep throats all of Damien’s meat, causing his partner to sigh heavily.

“Oh, fuck,” Damien whispers.


Romeo keeps blowing away, making sure his tongue works its magic. He comes up and puts romantic kisses on Damien’s lips, which are returned.

But he knows Damien wants more than kisses, so he gets back to blow job duty. Soon though he wants some oral love.

“Here, suck this,” Romeo commands as he gets on his back.

Damien does so, putting all of that dong in his mouth. He looks up to see if he’s doing OK. But he needn’t be too concerned. Romeo’s tool is bloated from all that work.

“Oh, shit,” Romeo groans. Fucking A.”


He takes one of Damien’s fingers and sucks it. Damien wants more kissing, which Romeo provides. All of this gets Romeo ready for the main course.

“Ride me,” he says to his “Juliet.” LOL!!

Damien lubes up the sausage, and his hole, and has a bare seat. Romeo starts to immediately pound balls deep. No need for Damien to get used to sensation. LOL!

Damien groans, but his tool is ready to pop. His spot is getting jammed to the max by Romeo’s spear.

“Get on your side,” Romeo suggests.


Damien does so, and Romeo gets back in.

“Pound me,” Damien orders.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

“Fuck, yeah,” Damien replies.

The fucking turns more vigorous, with Damien crying out occasionally. The two even kiss mid-stroke. Damien holds on to the side of the bed as his ass gets properly busted and owned.

Damien gets on his back. As Romeo goes in for one last ride, he kisses his bottom boy.

“You like that,” Romeo inquires.


“I fucking love it,” Damien answers.

Damien’s knees are put to his chest as the pounding gets faster. Romeo is going to get his nut today, no matter what.

“Come, on. Oh my, God,” Damien cries.

“Cum for me,” Romeo orders.

Damien does, a load that covers his abs and hand. Romeo, however, keeps pounding away. When he nuts, his nectar covers Damien’s nuts and his hole.

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  1. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    This is pretty lame BSB. You can do better.

  2. John B. John B. says:

    i like this it was nice… 🙂

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